Western Canadian Spill Services   :   Spill preparedness and response support since 1972.

THE WCSS Purpose

Cooperatives operate within specific geographic areas.

The petroleum companies in each Co-op work together to achieve a state of spill response readiness. To accomplish this Cooperatives maintain spill contingency plans and strategically place OSCARS (Oil Spill Containment and Recovery units) that are available to all member companies in the area. They hold annual training exercises and provide educational funding for their membership. In an effort to continually improve, Co-ops are often involved in research and development projects.

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It is with great pleasure that WCSS announces our new Operations Manager, Darren Stang.  Darren brings with him close to 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, complemented by 18 years of volunteer service to WCSS.  He has supported the coops in various roles; beginning as a Steering Committee member to taking a leadership role first as the Alternate Chairman, and then as the Chairman for Area G.  Darren is now transitioning into this position after participating on the Executive Sub-Committee for the past 4 years. 

Darren’s enthusiasm for oil spill preparedness and response support dovetails nicely with his experience as a Foreman and Superintendent in his previous roles, and we believe that he will build and strengthen relationships with our member companies and contractors in the time to come.  We are proud to welcome Darren to the team and look forward to forging a new path once he has had an opportunity to work alongside Mike Locke, our current longstanding and highly respected Operations Manager.  Darren will begin May 1, 2018, following Mike’s retirement from the role.


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