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THE WCSS Purpose

Cooperatives operate within specific geographic areas.

The petroleum companies in each Co-op work together to achieve a state of spill response readiness. To accomplish this Cooperatives maintain spill contingency plans and strategically place OSCARS (Oil Spill Containment and Recovery units) that are available to all member companies in the area. They hold annual training exercises and provide educational funding for their membership. In an effort to continually improve, Co-ops are often involved in research and development projects.


News & Updates

March 20, 2020: 

With all that is transpiring daily within industry and indeed in the world, we would like to update our member companies regarding the measures we are setting in place to support your equipment and training needs:


WCSS staff have a plan in place to continue operations remotely.  As per our regular maintenance program, your initial spill response equipment remains in a state of readiness and we will be maintaining consistent communication with our custodians to ensure access.

 Training and Regulatory Compliance

Due to provincial and federal government direction to cease all group events and practice social distancing, our Board of Directors has agreed with our recommendation to offer the Spill Responder 100 online training to anyone (including both member and non-member companies) at no cost throughout 2020. This will ensure that companies can still meet the regulatory requirements for oil spill response training. For companies that used this option to meet compliance requirements in 2019, the inability to do so in consecutive years – as outlined in Section 16.1.1 of AER’s Directive 071 – will be waived. 

 To help us ensure that we are maintaining proper exercise attendance tracking for our member companies in specific Coop Areas, and also to ensure that you are not charged for the training, please note that a single URL will be shared with our member companies in the following manner in the coming weeks:

  • WCSS website Training page
  • All current email distribution lists

 Should you wish to update contact information with us at this time it would be most appreciated, and let us know which Coop Area distribution list you are having us update.  If you are unsure of which Coop Areas where you are required to ensure compliance, please contact amy.grenier@wcss.ab.ca.  

 Please refer to the Archives Page for previous messaging about training postponement

Are you planning a safety meeting?  Have you ordered an Awareness Kit and would like some additional presentation material?  Refer to our WCSS Orientation Presentation!  This brief set of slides includes material that member company representatives review during our exercises, but until now have not been able to transport back to spread more awareness.   Reference notes are included to increase clarity.  We welcome your feedback!

Oil Spill App

 Please note that the app is available through the provided link only; it is not available through the Apple or Google Play store. Instructions for download here.

List of Equipment Currently in Use as of April 6, 2020

Section 2.3 - Contact Info updated March 11, 2020 (corrected contact info for Area P Chairman)

The Stream (newsletter) -  March 2020

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