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September 1, 2021

2022 Coop Boundary Changes

Big changes are coming in 2022 for WCSS and we are excited to share them with you!  Please visit our Maps page / 2022 Cooperative Boundary Changes to learn more.

Training Access During COVID-19 Pandemic

Upon reviewing the latest recommendations and requirements from the Alberta Government, as well as reflecting on the latest statistics in Alberta, the WCSS team has decided to cancel the Zones 2 & 4 in-person training coop exercises until further notice. 

We are confident in the COVID protocols that have been in place throughout the year, as well as the careful consideration put forward by our Training Coordinator and our Instructors in the field.  It comes down to identifying what WCSS can do as an organization to simplify options for our member companies as it relates to meeting regulatory requirements. As the case numbers continue to climb, WCSS has the opportunity to remove the risk of further transmission for member companies within their own operations and homes, while ensuring that they are still receiving some type of training. 

We have had eLearning without hands-on experience as a regulator-approved back-up option in place for all 2021.  We recognize that hands-on training has been identified as the most effective way to gain equipment deployment familiarity, and will prioritize those coops in 2022 that have not had the opportunity to do this training. For those of you in Zones 2 (Areas H, M, N, O & U) and 4 (Areas D & W) that were planning on attending the in-person training exercises coming up in September, you can still maintain compliance for exercise attendance by completing the following online courses at https://spillresponsetraining.ca/eLearning:

Please note this will be the same login information you have used if you have completed the Spill Responder 100 online course in the past.  If you have not taken the Spill Responder online course, you will need to sign up for a new account. 

Once you have completed both of these courses, please email amy.grenier@wcss.ab.ca to let her know you have completed them on behalf of Zone 2 or Zone 4 and also please indicate if you are representing more than one company so their attendance can be reflected on our tracking spreadsheet.

If you have any other questions please contact Amy Grenier at 403-837-0629.

For all COVID-19 & Variant training inquiries, please contact info@wcss.ab.ca and your question will be directed to the correct staff member.

Equipment Access During COVID-19 Pandemic

WCSS staff have a plan in place to continue operations remotely.  As per our regular maintenance program, your initial spill response equipment remains in a state of readiness and we will be maintaining consistent communication with our custodians to ensure access.

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