Western Canadian Spill Services   :   Spill preparedness and response support since 1972.

THE WCSS Purpose

Cooperatives operate within specific geographic areas.

The petroleum companies in each Co-op work together to achieve a state of spill response readiness. To accomplish this Cooperatives maintain spill contingency plans and strategically place OSCARS (Oil Spill Containment and Recovery units) that are available to all member companies in the area. They hold annual training exercises and provide educational funding for their membership. In an effort to continually improve, Co-ops are often involved in research and development projects.

News & Updates

WCSS is excited to introduce our Oil Spill App! 

 We recognize that our Oil Spill Contingency Manual may not be as readily available to our member companies in certain situations.  Therefore, we have chosen to expand access to information that may be helpful to responders in the event of a spill, or even during a safety meeting where spill preparedness is the topic.  Contents are applicable to the Oil Spill Contingency Manual, considered to be supplemental to in-house ERPs.   

Please note that the app is available through the provided link only; it is not available through the Apple or Google Play store. Instructions for download here.

We want to hear your thoughts!  Please forward comments to shannon.jarrell@wcss.ab.ca 

List of Equipment Currently in Use as of February 11, 2019

Summer 2018 Newsletter

Winter River Ice Slotting Diagram  Contingency Manual Section 3.6

Boom Vane Deployment Video

Contingency Manual Section 2 updated Regulatory information

Contingency Manual Section 2.3 updated January 16, 2019 New Area G Chairman/Alternate

Contingency Manual Section 3 updated ice assessment tables