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September 20, 2021

2022 Coop Boundary Changes

Big changes are coming in 2022 for WCSS and we are excited to share them with you!  Please visit our Maps page / 2022 Cooperative Boundary Changes to learn more.

Training Access During COVID-19 Pandemic

For the remainder of 2021, member companies can ensure regulatory compliance for annual exercise attendance by completing the 2 steps listed below:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Please note:
 If you have not previously taken the Spill Responder 100 online course, you will need to create a new account using your first / last name, company name, and Coop Area that you are representing.

Once you have completed both steps, please email amy.grenier@wcss.ab.ca.  She will update the exercise attendance tracking sheet on behalf of the company(ies) that you represent.  

Member companies are required to ensure adequate representation in each Zone where they have operations

Please contact Amy Grenier at 403-837-0629 with any coop exercise representation inquiries.

For all other COVID-19 & Variant training inquiries, please contact info@wcss.ab.ca and your question will be directed to the correct staff member.

Equipment Access During COVID-19 Pandemic

WCSS staff have a plan in place to continue operations remotely.  As per our regular maintenance program, your initial spill response equipment remains in a state of readiness and we will be maintaining consistent communication with our custodians to ensure access.

regular UPDATES

 Archived newsletters and updates to the Oil Spill Contingency Manual are available here