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For all questions regarding the Oil Spill Contingency Manual or to place an order please contact:

Leona Boisselle
Administrative Assistant
Western Canadian Spill Services Ltd.
Phone: 587.393.9620


Oil Spill Contingency Manual Updates:

The WCSS Oil Spill Contingency Manual format has been updated. All updates have been incorporated to the new format. Please contact Shannon Jarrell at (403) 516-8019 if you have any questions.

The following pages have been updated in the WCSS Oil Spill Contingency Manual. For Section 2.3, please click on the link(s) below, print double-sided and place the updated section into the corresponding section of your manual.

Please remember to check this page on a quarterly basis, to ensure that your manual is up to date.

Date Section Reason for Update
May 29, 2014 Section 2.3 Chairman, Administrator contact info 


Please visit the Generic Updates page for current contact information for your Area.

Please note: if you require information regarding your Area's Steering Committee or Initial Spill Response Team, please contact your Area Administrator directly.