Specialized Equipment

WCSS members have access to a variety of specialized equipment:

Air Curtain Incinerator

The Air Curtain Incinerator was developed for the disposal of oil spill debris; it provides control and containment of oily debris and allows for optimization of the oil/air ratios to attain an efficient and relatively smokeless combustion.

Located in:   Coop 4


Decontamination Unit

This unit is intended to provide decontamination equipment and facilities, along with additional clean PPE, for spill response personnel.

Located in:   Coop 4


Boom Vanes

A Boom Vane is a device used for oil boom deployment in rivers and other waterways. The vane allows for rapid boom deployment in water without the use of boats, anchors or fixed installations. The Boom Vane is constructed as a cascade of vertical wings mounted in a rectangular frame. Powered by the current and held with a mooring line, the boom vane swings out towards the opposite shore with the boom in tow. The boom vane is very stable in water speeds ranging from 1-5 knots.

Located in:   Coop 7 | Coop 4 

Boom Vane Deployment Video


Boom Deflectors

Boom Deflectors attach to boom connectors and are designed to help push the boom to an angle where product can be deflected towards a recovery area.

Located in:   Coop 4 | Coop 2


Wildlife Response Unit

WCSS has eight wildlife response units that contain equipment that is primarily designed to prevent birds from coming into contact with an oilspill in surface water. In general the units contain wildlife hazing equipment and some bird capture gear that includes:

  • Personal protective equipment
  • Hazing guns c/w propane bottles
  • Bird scare flash tape
  • Scare-eye balloons
  • Scare crows (i.e. owls, eagle, human)
  • Capture nets
  • Containers for bird transport

Responders must have pre-authorization from Fish and Wildlife resource agencies prior to utilizing the equipment in the unit.

Located in:  Coop 9  |  Coop 6  | Coop 4  | Coop 2  |  Coop 2  | Coop 7 | Coop 1 | Coop 5