Types of Training

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Coop Exercises

Under Alberta Energy Regulator's Directive 071 (Section 10) and Saskatchewan's Directive S-01 (Section 2.3), WCSS Oil Spill Cooperative members (licensees) must have a representative attend the annual training exercise in the Cooperative where that member has operations.

2021 New Training Initiatives 

Rather than each of our Coop Areas offering 1 or 2 exercises throughout the year, WCSS is planning to test drive an idea that we think will offer far more flexibility to our member companies as it relates to meeting annual exercise attendance goals. As we develop a proof of concept for functioning on a higher level within a zone structure, we recognize that exercise attendance can be a sticking point for some of our member companies. We are aiming to simplify the options by offering: 

  • Multiple demonstrations within a WCSS Zone within one week 
  • Group sizes will be restricted to observe government recommendations, so at this time we are asking member companies to limit the number attendees they register to 1 - 2 key response individuals.
  • 3-hr field sessions supported by 30-minute E-learning modules and a 20-minute online WCSS orientation that we will ask all attendees to complete prior to the field deployment.

If you experience technical difficulties, please contact info@wcss.ab.ca

For all Coop-related inquires, please contact amy.grenier@wcss.ab.ca


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