Location: Devon Boat Launch* (MAP)

*Please observe the parking restrictions for vehicles that are not towing vessels

Course Fee: $2350

Students who register for both the Marine Emergency Duties - MED A3 and the Boat Handling courses will be offered special pricing of $2,875.00.

The Alberta Energy Regulator's (AER) Directive 071 requires that all petroleum companies be properly equipped and trained for emergencies, such as oil spills.  This three-day "on-the-water" course meets that AER requirement as it is designed for environmental contractors and/or oil spill response personnel, as well as WCSS member company personnel who operate WCSS watercraft to contain and recover oil spills in large rivers or lakes, and during oil spill training exercises.  Instructors with a minimum of 10 years experience operating jet boats in spill environments will work in a 1:3 ratio with students to provide optimal direction.

Skills to be enhanced and/or developed:

  • Boat Safety and Operation
  • Boat Maneuvering
  • River Reading
  • Boat Maintenance
  • Spill Response Equipment Deployment
  • Anchor Setting and Retrieval
  • Boom Handling and Towing
  • Safe Launching and Loading 

A practical skills evaluation will be carried out by WCSS instructors at the end of the three days.


  • If students wish to operate WCSS boats, they must also take the Transport Canada 2-day Marine Emergency Duties (MED A3) course, also offered by WCSS. The MED A3 course precedes the 3-day Boat Handling course.

 What to Bring:

  • Standard company Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with the exception of hard hats
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Snacks*

*Lunch will be provided on Wednesday and Thursday.  Course will typically run from 730am – 2pm on Friday and snacks will be available throughout the day but there will not be a designated time set for a lunch hour.  If you have any dietary restrictions, please indicate this at the time of registration.  Water will be available throughout the duration of the course.

 to register, call 587-393-9620

For more course information contact Shannon Jarrell at

Boat Handling: Recertification




Location: Devon Boat Launch* (MAP)


In order to operate WCSS watercraft, WCSS requires all operators to possess a valid WCSS Boat Handling certificate and the Transport Canada MED A3 or MED A4 certificate. To ensure that the WCSS boat operators remain confident and capable, WCSS offers a one-day Boat Handling - Recertification course, which will be valid for three years. 

To pass, all students will be assessed on their practical abilities related to the safe operation and proper handling of WCSS watercraft and to deploy oil spill equipment to contain and recover oil spills on rivers or lakes. This field-based course is open to all personnel who have previously certified on the 3-day course who may be involved in operating watercraft at oil spills on water bodies.


  • All students should consider bringing foul weather clothing including steel-toed rubber boots.

To register, call 587-393-9620

For course information contact Shannon Jarrell at

Did you know that WCSS has a Boat Handling Recertification Equivalency Program?  It is designed to allow companies to keep their boat operators in one place and practice with their own equipment, and offers a significantly lower cost structure than going through the open registration program.