Marine Emergency Duties - MED A3






This two-day Transport Canada (TC) approved classroom course provides basic safety training for all crew members of non-pleasure vessels (emergency response, search and rescue, water survey, government marine workers, etc.) of less than 150 gross tons (GT), working as a crew less than 25 nautical miles from shore. Also included in this course, as an option for those who want it, is the Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate (PCOC) from TC that applies to non-passenger carrying vessels (pleasure craft) of less than 8 meters operating less than two miles from shore in sheltered waters.

The course goals are:

  • To provide a basic understanding of the hazards associated with the marine environment and the vessel and how to prevent shipboard incidents including fire
  • To provide the necessary knowledge to raise and or respond to alarms and to deal with emergencies
  • To provide assistance in fire and abandonment situations
  • To provide the knowledge that will enable the individuals to assist with their own survival and rescue

The course covers basic water safety, hazards and emergencies, emergency response, marine firefighting, abandonment, survival, distress and other signals, rescue, and personal and vessel safety equipment.


No PPE is required for this course.

If students wish to operate WCSS boats, they will also need to take the 3-day WCSS Boat Handling course. The 3-day Boat Handling course follows this course.

Students who register for both the Marine Emergency Duties - MED A3 and the Boat Handling courses will be offered special pricing of $2,875.00.

To register, call 587-393-9620

For course information, contact Shannon Jarrell at